New Foreman Training

My client had not previously conducted any type of formal supervisory training for his current field foreman. In effect, the foreman was “flying blind,” not knowing exactly what was expected of him. The client knew assistance was necessary to help train this new project foreman and to assure that the “fit” would be a good one with the company in terms of communication, organization, coordination, and relationships with both the project team and the Owner’s Representative.

We met to discuss my field supervisor training approach, and he liked what he heard.

When I undertake a new assignment, my first day is for observation. Although I spent the entire day on-site with the foreman, I was – for all practical purposes – only a silent bystander. I made no suggestions, and I didn’t initially offer any feedback or suggestions. I simply watched him in action, hoping that my presence was not intimidating, and took note of the way he dealt with crew members to analyze his leadership abilities and understand his methods… READ MORE

Field operations support

When I was hired by a new client, there were multiple ongoing projects with limited field supervision. Project supervisors appeared overwhelmed, and project problems were a source of concern for management. The stated goal was for me to help project teams become better organized and to coordinate policies to prevent greater problems in the future.

To achieve this goal, we focused on direct, ongoing communication between the teams, and reevaluated crew placements based on the complexity of specific projects and to capitalize on overall leadership skills and field supervisory abilities. I worked directly with both the field supervisors and the management team to improve their daily planning and productivity focus.

Because I am a firm believer in direct communication and interaction, I tried to instruct, promote, and enhance those efforts with third-party representatives to improve the weekly activity schedules. We involved each project foreman and we instituted in-depth and detailed evaluation procedures to find workable methods that would result in steady improvement… READ MORE

Field triage of dysfunctional project teams

I was originally hired to analyze a client’s current field operations at the project site. It was a highly complex project with many “moving parts.” In addition to the overall magnitude of the project itself, the main subcontractor was performing below par and was extremely difficult to deal with. My initial contract commitment was four weeks. At the end of that period, my assessment of the situation was, to be blunt, that the various subcontractors representing necessary project disciplines were simply not playing nice in the same sandbox. They resisted working together, and animosities continued to grow among the various players.

I shared my assessment with the client and presented my thoughts about ways to bring the project team together. I was subsequently hired for six months to help the project team overcome the challenges that I had identified… READ MORE

Executive team coaching

I was hired by a growing construction company to assist the executive team to overcome the myriad of challenges they faced due to an aggressive growth track. Essentially, it constituted a “good problem,” but the accelerated growth profile, combined with the need to successfully bid and manage additional projects in the pipeline, added to the complexity of the growth process. The executive team was determined to continue on the track they had established for expansion.

I was hired to help evaluate the problems, develop ways to meet the challenges, and successfully plan to meet the desired growth potential. Over several weeks, we held multiple brainstorming sessions to evaluate, assess and understand potential problems they might encounter

We developed detailed operational procedures to address each possible scenario, and we established “attack plans” that could be used to deal with each problem. The goal was to build a solid foundation for action, using a variety of new approaches… READ MORE


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“Lonnie taught me his knowledge and tested me constantly on all aspects of field leadership skills. When I got the answer wrong, he would teach me again and never made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. He was relentless at building me up and helping me to focus on ‘the art of continuous improvement.’ Lonnie Morelock is a great motivator, a phenomenal teacher, and above all, he practices what he preaches.“

Zach B.
Construction Superintendent
September, 2021

“We had a demanding project ahead of us due to where we were, where we wanted to be, and challenges we had to deal with. Asking Lonnie to come on board was a game-changer.He didn’t waste any time and dove right in. Due to his passion and positive approach to all situations, his ability to make an impossible situation a possible one is impressive. Even more impressive, was how he continuously makes a negative situation positive, finds a way to stay approachable, and believes in that approach daily.”

Tony Z.
Senior Project Manager
September 2021

It isn’t often in the construction world that we see true MULTIPLIERS… those who liberate and challenge the talented individuals around them to achieve their best. Lonnie Morelock is every bit this diamond in the rough!

Patrick LaZansky
Senior Sales Representative
February 2019

Lonnie Morelock is a true professional in every sense of the word. He understands our construction industry like few that I have met. When Lonnie and I first met, our conversation lasted for hours, mostly because I was fascinated to find somebody whose passion mirrored mine in many ways and who “spoke the same language”. We understood each other on a level that not many do. I knew immediately that there was nobody better than Lonnie Morelock to work with my team to develop their leadership and professionalism. Trust and respect are two things that are very hard to earn in our industry, but Lonnie quickly earned both from me and from each member of my team. His extraordinary passion and fire are contagious and felt immediately by all those around him.

We initially hired Lonnie to further develop the careers of our Superintendents. From the initial observation to the work plan, goal setting, individual sessions, and the graduation, Lonnie would update me throughout the process. With his unmatched excitement and enthusiasm about the progress our team was making, Lonnie would provide me with detailed reports as my team began to implement the newly acquired skills and tools. Lonnie’s follow up process is also incredibly valuable, as he checks in with our team regularly and makes himself available so that they can call him anytime for input, suggestions, and advice.

After completing the one-on-one work with our Superintendents, we also hired Lonnie to conduct a kick-off meeting to start the year off with our field management team. The attention and excitement in the room was very evident throughout the meeting. They all were inspired; they embraced his positivity and were open to learn. I knew the meeting was a huge success when the guys gave Lonnie a standing ovation at the end of the meeting!

Our people are our most valuable asset; I am extremely pleased I chose to invest in my team with Lonnie Morelock and Morelock Motivational. More so, I am extremely pleased with Lonnie’s process, the results, and his continuing follow up. Our experience with Lonnie has definitely proven to be one of our most valuable investments. I highly recommend Lonnie to all who are looking for a trustworthy professional; an expert who will deliver a high rate of return and will advance their team members to the next level.

Manuel de Freitas
CEO / President
February 2019

I have had a working relationship with Lonnie for the last 20 years, as a Senior Project Manager for Kiewit, I had admired the way he inspired his crews, always organized and productive while promoting a positive attitude. Now with full focus on Morelock Motivational we have Lonnie working with our superintendents and foreman to develop better leadership skills, his approach to education for field supervisors has been a very valuable tool for the SSEC Team to promote key leaders in our company without intimidation, rather positive reinforcement. As the need for promotion within the company is part of our core values, we look forward to Morelock Motivational continued support develop our supervisors and field leaders.

Jay Selby
CEO / President
Selby’s Soil & Erosion Control

I reached out to Lonnie when I was given the opportunity to become a construction company Vice President / Operations Manager. I remembered back 9 years previously when Lonnie came to the I-405 Project with Kiewit in LA and instantly made an impact of motivating the Project Team on an extremely difficult project. When I reached out to Lonnie in 2022 for business coaching to transition from a Project Manager to managing my peers we made an instant connection and Lonnie’s coaching provided the exact action steps, confidence, and belief in my abilities that made the transition a success. Lonnie is very intelligent, persistent, unwavering, motivational, and his experience across multiple management levels in construction make it easy to recommend him as a coach/mentor to anybody who is ready to transition to the next level of leadership. Lonnie has become a true friend and trusted advisor in work and in life. Thanks Lonnie!!

Shannon Buell
VP / Operations Manager
Nutter Corporation