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Have you ever looked back on your career and asked yourself: “How did I get here?”

The answer is always pretty simple. Almost always, others helped you along the path to success. Seasoned veterans in your field took you under their wings, teaching you all they knew and making sure you learned the lessons well. Others surely picked you up when you make mistakes — and we all make mistakes. Still, others helped you survive the rough times, gave you a thumbs up when you deserved it, and were always there to see you prosper. Few, if any, of us, made it totally on our own! We all had help to mold our innate talents and abilities into a form that allowed us to accomplish our goals.

Why not pay it forward? Guide and tutor a young, inexperienced colleague. Give others a chance to demonstrate — to you and to the world — what they can do. Be a coach. Be a cheerleader. Mentor others to make their path to success just a bit easier. By believing in them, you’ll help them believe in themselves. 

There’s no better feeling in the world!