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“Positive Results from Living A Word”

The art of motivating a project team is summed up in one word, Commitment.

The definition truly says it all – “the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled”. In order to inspire your team to higher levels of performance they must know that you are committed to the them, to the ongoing process you are engaging in, and to their continuous improvement.

This humble word requires a selflessness and obligation that puts the success of everyone on your team ahead of you. Rod Hall, Master Earthmover and General Excavation Foreman, (pictured in photo), is the perfect example of the high levels of achievement that comes from true commitment. He has retired after 35 years in the construction industry, leaving behind a legacy that will long be remembered.

Spanning a remarkable history of mega civil projects that he worked on, he finished his memorable career supervising over 350,000 man-hours without a recordable accident. He broke every earthmoving production record that was ever put in front of him, and most importantly, trained & mentored hundreds of equipment operators, engineers, and managers that had the privilege to work alongside of him. He was always the first one on the job and the last one to leave.

He rarely took a lunch while first ensuring that his crews were taken care of. He was constantly searching for methods to improve his operations and his team-members performance. When asked what the word commitment means to him, he humbly answers, “For the team to succeed, sacrifice has to be made for the betterment of the team.” I was truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Rod Hall. Rod taught me a lot about commitment and many other important life lessons. Look for the Rod Hall’s on your team and follow their example of commitment.

Live the definition of commitment with your team every single day.

Make commitment a part of your DNA. Both the personal triumphs as well as the professional achievements that you will experience are everlasting.