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“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The framework required for a what I affectionately like to call a “Banner Day” is summed up in the above quote by Henry Ford.

At the onset of achieving this notable accomplishment, the particular team came together and brainstormed the execution of multiple operations, in multiple locations, working simultaneously to support each other at every step of the way.

The team then kept together over the next two weeks, progressing forward, setting each other up for the victory.

Saturday morning came with a lot of anticipation and excitement. The groundwork had been laid, the planning complete, the goals were set, and the execution precisely choregraphed. Now the time had come to work together to achieve success.

This Saturday was one for the record books. A Saturday that this team will remember for the rest of their lives. F

For me, the term “Performance – Above and Beyond” was born on this day.

No matter what stage your specific construction project is at, look for the opportunities out in front of you for a “Banner Day”.

Then meticulously follow the quote of Henry Ford and go have yourselves a
“Performance – Above and Beyond”!

It will be a day, I promise, you will never forget.