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What comes to mind when you think of training?

How can you recognize future leaders on the job and help them grow to full potential?

Webster’s Dictionary defines training this way: “The skill, knowledge, or experience acquired by one that is trained.” To me, that sounds cold and impersonal, a formula that’s too often incomplete.

I believe that effective training should be more personal – and personalized. I prefer the definition the dictionary offers for training a plant to grow: “Directing the growth, usually by bending, pruning, and tying.”

It’s the principle I used to train field managers in heavy construction, to help those who exhibited talent and demonstrated an innate ability to become effective leaders. They many times lacked confidence. But, through
directing, bending, and shaping, and an individualized approach, those same equipment operators became the outstanding field leaders they are today.

Training is an art and a science. It must:

  • Help trainees believe in themselves and their abilities;
  • Offer guidance and teach effective skills and behaviors;
  • Offer guidance and teach effective skills and behaviors;
  • Help them to develop the “heart of a leader”;
  • Acknowledge failure and help them learn from it;
  • Instill confidence, give them a hand up, allow for growth

You will witness this growth. It works! It’s the Morelock Method – it will help you train new leaders.