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Motivational Communication

Reach higher levels of performance

A brief — about 1 1/2 hours — presentation designed to light the spark of passion in your team. It’s meant to be a lot of fun with a serious message.

This session teaches valuable techniques that will motivate your base and empower them to scale new heights of performance. 

We’ll discuss what it takes to be a “difference-maker” with your team, to ensure compatibility and commitment, and to help team members achieve the kind of success they might not have believed was possible.

Along the way, we’ll light a fire in your belly as well. When the session ends, you’ll be ready to go out and conquer the world!

    Heavy Construction Management

    Develop and train effective leadership

    Precision is a prime directive for a successful heavy construction project. Knowing how to schedule, direct, and oversee the operation of heavy machinery and effectively motivate and manage people at the same time is an essential learned skill.

    In this presentation, attendees will focus on how to develop those vital skills by using time studies and operational analyses to perfect their operations and assure optimum performance. 

    We’ll also discuss effective leadership principles, offer some “tools” and practice the skills needed to interact with field management teams, project management, and owner’s representatives.


      Achieve Team Performance – Above & Beyond

      This presentation is a focused “deep dive” into the way teams operate and the various methods you can use to achieve positive results.

      It is designed to unlock the secrets of effective teams, and to help team
      members understand the significance of working together effectively. It challenges team members to take performance to higher levels, smashing through self-made barriers to achieve better performance.

      We call it, “PERFORMANCE – Above and Beyond”.

      A second emphasis of this presentation is on solving common team problems and overcoming adversity.

      We’ll look at how to run at problems, and the benefits of overreacting in order to get back on course to achieve a successful finish.