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It’s a sure thing that you’ll face your share of problems — on your project, as well as in life. You may think of problems as The Enemy, but sometimes you can’t avoid them, so you work to learn how to deal with them.

First, don’t let those problems on the job build until you have to face them in crisis or conflict mode. 

Work to identify problems, with the help of your team, before they occur. By discussing what might go wrong, you can usually decide how to make it right. The key is to have at least one backup plan for every possible pitfall or stumbling block. The earlier you take action, the sooner you’ll find your way past, around or out of the quicksand.
Follow the wisdom of Sun Tzu, who noted in The Art of War, “The opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

Prepare for those enemy attacks: Strategize and formulate multiple alternatives.

Know your people, their personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. Spend quality time with your teams, both field staff and management personnel, so that you’ll recognize when they need help even before they ask for it. 

The enemy will come. Be Ready.