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Mentoring & Coaching

After spending the past 25 years mentoring construction personnel and coaching them for career growth, Lonnie Morelock is even more passionate about what he views as a calling. 

He is indeed “paying it forward” to help others achieve the success that he has enjoyed. He is uniquely qualified because he rose “through the ranks” with no initial expectations of becoming a team leader or an instructor. His enthusiastic approach and charismatic nature, however, coupled with a wealth of personal experience, make him the ideal teacher.

Lonnie connects with construction personnel at all levels because he is believable as well as professional. 

As he says, he learned a lot from his mistakes. Now he shares that knowledge to energize and empowernew leaders.

Extreme Ownership

That’s my term, but what it means to me — and what it should mean to you — is that all project leaders understand their  individual responsibilities — and OWN them 100%.

Who Are You Trying to Lead?

Let your leadership skills touch everyone around you. You might be surprised at the transformational effect.

The Art of Motivation

Motivating others is just another way to motivate yourself to be better, more
understanding, more productive, and more valuable to your company and to your team. By consciously
coaching others, you learn valuable lessons yourself.

The Art of Listening

If you take the time to slow down and listen to your managers and/or direct reports, you will learn a lot. Pay attention!

Learning from Your Mistakes

Everyone makes them. The goal, as has often been said, is not to make the same mistake twice. A better goal, though, is to really take to heart what your latest mistake was trying to teach you. Sometimes it’s not what you think.

The Difference Maker

Basically, we all want to make a difference, don’t we? There are few better feelings than becoming a positive influence on someone’s life or helping them achieve their career goals.

Finding the Power in You

Morelock Motivational was born out of my passion — both for the work I did and for mentoring others. Let me help you unleash the passion that’s within you; we’ll both be better for the experience.