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“In Pursuit of the Triple Lindy”

“Let the job talk to you. Listen; It will tell you how to build it.”

My Dad

“Let the job talk to you. Listen; It will tell you how to build it.”

That was my Dad’s advice. I wondered what he meant. Then I tried it.
I watched as jobs came alive. They unfolded before my eyes like living, breathing, beings.

Then a curtain parted in my brain and I began to visualize new ideas.

Watching and listening led me to new solutions. This was an important lesson.

I once managed a grading project that was bid with an impossibly tight margin; we just hoped to break even. I gathered my team members; we watched for several hours.

No one spoke. We were in the zone of creativity.

Then, the diving board scene from the Rodney Dangerfield comedy, “Back to
School” came to mind…..THE TRIPLE LINDY: all about different approaches at the same time. It was way ‘out of the box’ thinking!

It inspired us to set up five separate cuts and fills, all happening simultaneously, close enough together so support equipment could handle everything at once.

The result? We finished one month ahead of schedule, beat that tight estimate, and killed the job!

It wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t watched, listened, and brainstormed.

Do you let your jobs talk to you? Are you looking for your TRIPLE LINDY? If not, then stop, take five, and listen. What you hear might be brilliant!