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HOW TO MOTIVATE A PROJECT centers around Enthusiasm. The people on your team need to feel your passion and excitement for the project at hand. So, how do you create this enviable enthusiasm?

By setting goals. I have seen it before, and I’m sure I will see it time and time again: When people have something to strive for—something to aim at—they become committed. They hone-in on the task at hand and the energy that spreads amongst the team is contagious. 

Without a goal, that drive disappears. Just like when you are on your way to a vacation. You don’t want to just go through the packing and the security and the strangers sitting way too close to you on the plane without having something that makes it all worth it at the end. Likewise, a goal is the destination that provides your team with the enthusiasm necessary to put in the hard work.

Yet, there is a strategy involved. You can’t just start with the end goal and expect your team to stay excited about it. Start with specific, tangible goals at the beginning so that they can see the forward movement and stay engaged. As each goal is achieved, they will feel a sense of pride and they will be ready to tackle the next challenge. These first goals set the “bed rock” foundation that will transform into incredible accomplishments going forward. 

As the project continues, find new and unique goals to set for your team. This can include daily goals, weekly goals, and operational goals. Whatever way you can think of to challenge your team and help them discover their own capabilities, that’s what you should do. Once your team achieves each of these goals, they will celebrate together.

They will learn to lean on each other and realize that every member of the team is a part of the equation. The morale will go through the roof as they reach goal after goal together. They will be excited to achieve the next step and their enthusiasm and comradery towards each other, and for their job, will grow exponentially. 

When you set goals, you light a spark within the team that would never be there otherwise. When you celebrate with your team as these goals are reached, you will build an unstoppable “fire of enthusiasm” that will take your team to new heights of performance. They will accomplish goals that were once seemingly impossible to achieve, and they will do it without hesitation.

So now the only question that remains is what goal will you set to fire up your team?