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Field Supervisory Training

Proven training programs developed from years of actual field experience form the basis of this instructional module.

Designed to outline leadership standards and improve performance capabilities of field supervisors, the format addresses specific needs of your project or organization.

The training will be tailored to individual requirements: It is a boon for new supervisors, and allows seasoned managers to hone their skills and take their performance to the next level.

This training package can also be used by companies with the goal of training new trainers and future field supervisors.

Developing Leadership in Foremen

Are your foremen the best leaders that they can be? Share your knowledge and expertise every chance you get in order to build a cadre of professionals who will
someday be willing and able to step up to the next level.

Developing Leadership in Superintendents

Great leaders are never born knowing everything they need to be great. They become great because someone took the time to train and encourage them. If
you’re not doing that with your superintendents, you’re shortchanging yourself as well as your entire team.

Total Motivation & Goal Setting

There’s something “electric” that happens when every one of your field supervisors is operating on full charge! That’s what you want every day, right? Because I’ve been there, I can show you the way.


The Art of Planning

Some people are list makers, others delegate, still others use a paper or a virtual calendar. But all good supervisors plan ahead — for the unexpected as well as to assure an orderly progression from beginning to end. We’ll discuss the best methods to use.

Setting Your Expectations

You’re no doubt very clear about what each member of your team needs to
do. But does each team member know exactly what you expect of them? Tell them. Let them respond.

Operation Analysis — Performance Above & Beyond

Beyond: Growth is always the goal, whether you’re planting vegetables, building a bridge or training your field personnel. Setting goals is an important part of it, but taking a serious look at what works and what doesn’t is even more vital.

Managing Your Precious Time

There are only so many minutes in an hour, and a limited number of
hours in a day. Sometimes even seconds count. We’ll delve into time management techniques that work.

Working with Subcontractors

Mutual respect is not an outdated or overrated concept. On the job,
subcontractors can make you look good, but you’ll want to have their back as well. Team-building isn’t limited to your own crews!


Owner Relations

The chain of command may be well-defined, and there may be little reason for your team to interact with the client, but it’s worth discussing anyway, because ultimately what the owner thinks, does and experiences affects the entire project. It’s a simple truth.