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A Recipe for Peak Performance

The letter “C” has always had a special place in my vocabulary. I think it started with “cool” in high school, because who didn’t want to be cool in high school? Even the word itself is just effortless and desirable. Quickly after high school, my new C-word to focus on became “cash.”

What new-to-adulthood twenty-something doesn’t crave cash? It’s not even about craving cash—it’s about needing it to live and pursue dreams. While my desire for cash never faded, I quickly introduced the word “colorful” to my vocabulary. While cash is nice, life is about so much more than that. By enjoying the gorgeous colors all around me—especially the masterpiece Mother Nature creates on a gorgeous autumn day in the mountains—I can further appreciate what life is all about. And finally comes the word “comedy.” It completes the perfect balance of making money, enjoying the scenery, and having fun. Because what good is everything else if you can’t smile, laugh, and enjoy great company? 

Cool. Cash. Colorful. Comedy. These are my four favorite “C” words when it comes to my daily life (there are a lot more, but those are the superlatives of the bunch). But what about when it comes to business? More specifically, what “C” words come into play when it comes to teamwork? When I think about this important building block of any successful team, the letter “C” takes on a whole new meaning. 

Introducing the 4 C’s, affectionately known as taking “C” to the quadruple component. Throughout my 37-year career in the construction industry, I have developed an unstoppable strategy that creates the foundation for a successful and productive team, and all four steps happen to start with the letter “C.” If a team can properly, wholly, and passionately implement the following four “C” words, they are bound for success. They are firing on all cylinders and are sure to bring incredible results to fruition.

So, without further ado, I present the all-star lineup of Team C: – Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, and Cooperation.


At the core of every good team you will find communication. If you want a team that “kicks ass and takes names,” effective communication is a non-negotiable. When each member of the team speaks with each other and everyone knows what is going on, when it is happening, and what they are responsible for, then true magic happens. If there is a misunderstanding, it is realized and resolved immediately. If there is a disagreement, it is maturely hashed out so everyone can move forward on the same page. With strong communication, you won’t be left with members off in their own world, not up to speed on what the rest of the team is doing.

Strong, clear, all-inclusive communication ensures that every team member is kept in the loop and every person feels like they are contributing. And when all team members feel valued, amazing things can happen.


Next in the lineup is coordination. In other words, every team member has an important role to play, and when they all come together, the goal can be achieved efficiently. By properly coordinating each of the individual components of the team, the team will reap the benefits of a strong sense of security. They will be comfortable with what each person is contributing and they will rely on each piece of the puzzle to show up and take part. A coordinated team knows that it takes all of them to achieve success, and they know that they are all on the same page working towards the same mission. 

With coordination, the strengths of each team member will shine through. The team will gain respect and admiration for each other and they will love working together because they know that it takes each of them to achieve the high levels of production and performance they strive for. With proper coordination, the team is full of strong relationships, and there is no need to worry about the team developing animosity, placing blame, or falling apart altogether. When coordination is executed appropriately, exceptional performance from the team is all but guaranteed.


One brain only holds so much power: It is when multiple brains come together that breakthroughs occur. With collaboration, a team realizes that every member of the team is focused on one mission, but that there are multiple approaches to complete it. By challenging each other’s thought processes and thinking outside the box, teams are able to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. 

Teams who believe in collaboration don’t have to worry about my-way-or-the-highway syndrome. They acknowledge that just because their brain works one way, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to solve a problem. They are open and willing to listen; yet, they are also ready to contribute when they have an innovative approach or unique strategy to suggest. With never-ending brainstorming sessions, lively discussions, and mutual respect, teams who collaborate never come across a problem they can’t solve.


Last in the lineup is cooperation. Cooperation is what comes into play when the bases are loaded at the bottom of the ninth and the team needs a grand slam to win the game. Without cooperation, nothing else matters. Every member of the team must be willing to cooperate in order for the magic of teamwork to come into play. A cooperative team is a team that works together towards a common goal. Each person knows that they are just one part of a bigger picture and they are willing to contribute with 100% of their effort for the sake of the cause. With total and complete cooperation, teams will reap the rewards of a strong morale, a high work ethic, and a resounding level of confidence that will push the team through the roof and into the skies.

Communication. Coordination. Collaboration. Cooperation.

Alone, each “C” word is powerful. But when they are seamlessly integrated into one cohesive team, that team becomes unstoppable. Does your team have what it takes to make it to the big leagues? Are they willing to communicate effectively, coordinate flawlessly, collaborate seamlessly, and cooperate wholeheartedly? If so, then you just found yourself a dream team and you better brace yourself for the remarkable things you are about to achieve.