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In the fast-paced world of heavy construction and mass excavation earth moving, minutes and even seconds make all the difference. You and your team have to be on your game.

Your planning must be close to perfect and your execution must be precise. You must constantly know what is out in front of you; you must be prepared for the unknown. Inevitably, changes occur during each hour of operation.

Failure to communicate, failure to prepare, failure to immediately adapt to the ever-changing conditions can cost those precious seconds that turn into precious minutes.

The wasted time will ultimately cost hundreds — and then thousands — of dollars.

You can never get them back.

The Importance of Communication

During Lonnie Morelock’s 38 years of heavy construction experience — throughout his management of mega-size project teams — communication was key to his teambuilding success. He developed methods of motivating individuals and teaching team leadership skills that served him well in problem solving, troubleshooting and high performance – productivity situations. The field-tested and consistently-proven techniques that he employed as a manager led to his continuing long-term success on the “battlefield of construction.” Now retired from his decades-spanning career with a major North American construction firm, he has brought this same training and supervisory experience to the forefront of his motivational speaking and communications training efforts.

Allow him to motivate your base to new levels of enthusiasm, a better-defined focus and increased potential. His expertise and insights will help you and your team to breakthrough performance plateaus and higher levels of productivity.

Performance – Above and Beyond

Let him unleash the passion on you and your team. Go where you’ve never gone before!

It’s all possible. Just as Morelock insisted when he first began working in heavy construction, every project requires an unrelenting commitment to “adapt and overcome.” You know what you’ve done in the past. Now it’s time to face a future filled with better performance and higher achievement. Morelock Motivational will lead you there.

Lonnie Morelock has lived by the principles he now teaches:

  • Field Supervisory Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Discover this new dimension. It’s the right time to motivate yourself and those around you!


Lonnie Morelock knows what he’s talking about when he discusses teambuilding and motivational topics. He retired in mid-2018 from the Kiewit Companies, the fifth-largest construction company in the world, following a successful 26-year career. During his tenure with
Kiewit, Morelock advanced through the ranks from Civil Grading Foreman, to Senior Project Manager and to an instructor of teambuilding and motivational principles at Kiewit University. He says laughingly that he “taught at Superintendent’s School before he ever attended Superintendent’s School,” but he also humbly explains that he never aspired to that position.

Instead, his talents were formed naturally, stemming from a strong work ethic, learned civil grading skills and a desire to make a living in the fast-paced world of heavy civil construction. He speaks fondly of his time in the field, noting that he was a heavy equipment operator for 20 years prior to accepting a management position with Kiewit. He also notes that he was consistently known as “Mr. Positive.” His ability to motivate and encourage others, he says, grew out of the deep-seated and very real need to “adapt and overcome” in the heavy civil construction environment in order to meet project goals and schedule deadlines.

Up Through the Ranks

Although he had worked with the company as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Civil Grading Foreman on multiple projects, it was in the year 2000 that he was offered a salaried Superintendent’s position with the
Kiewit Companies. As he tells it, he “accepted this opportunity with unbridled enthusiasm” and never looked back. He managed many large civil grading projects throughout Northern California, until he was named Project Manager on Phase 1 of the Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway Flood Control Project for the Bureau of Reclamation in 2008. The successful completion of Phase I earned Kiewit the Bureau’s Construction Safety Award for 2008 and Morelock was nominated for the coveted Peter Kiewit-Excellence in Management Award in recognition of his team’s effort. Even though he did not win, he attributes his subsequent passion for motivating, mentoring and teambuilding to his association with that project. He went on to manage Phase 2 of the flood control effort at Folsom Dam, completing the contract ahead of schedule with no safety or quality issues.

In the fall of 2011, Morelock was sent on his first troubleshooting assignment: He took the reins as Operations Manager of Segment 4 on the $1.5 billion Port Mann Highway 1 – Design / Build Project in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ruefully, he admits that it was more difficult than he had expected. Cultural differences between Americans and Canadians required that he develop and implement new “people skills” and adapt his managerial tactics somewhat. This project gave Lonnie the opportunity to successfully refine and sharpen his motivational, teambuilding, and leadership training skills.

Following A Passion

That passion for effective team-building was to color his Kiewit Companies association for the next several years. In 2018, he retired from the company, ending a successful career during which, he moved through the ranks to a final position as Site Logistical Operations Manager on the Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Repair Project in Northern California.

Lonnie began his construction career when only 16, starting work as a Soils Technician on an earth fill dam project in Northern California. At the age of 18, he signed on with the Operating Engineers Local 3 Northern California right out of high school, and worked at honing his skills through union association for the following 20 years. Later, as a salaried manager for the Kiewit Companies, Morelock developed necessary skills, preparing training presentations, teaching about safety, quality, productivity and operational analysis. He created the “Developing Leadership in Foremen” training module for Kiewit’s in-house university in Omaha, Nebraska, and taught the course for seven years. In 2012, he initiated the “Motivational Communications for Teams” training as part of the company’s Operations Management course. It was by teaching this course that Morelock realized his true calling, leading to his newly-launched career path as motivational speaker, mentor and leadership skills training coach. He has become well known and highly respected throughout the construction industry for his down-to-earth speaking style and easy-to-implement teambuilding skills.

He specializes in field supervisory leadership training and is passionate about improving team performance and individual potential.